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2010-09-18 03:41:08 by StoneFeather

Be sure to look at my art if you're viewing my page.

Since I'm out of it this year, does anybody want my sprite pack to use on their own? It was pretty simple with ninja in place of 1337 crew and a shadow themed protagonist. The sprite pack has only three weapons: a katana, shuriken, and kunai.

Nothing to do...

2010-07-16 13:31:31 by StoneFeather

So bored...


2010-07-02 19:39:52 by StoneFeather

I have been scouted!


\( -_- )/

2010-07-02 15:01:33 by StoneFeather

Trying to work on my animating.


2010-07-01 09:59:38 by StoneFeather

I know my drawings are crap, but they're fun to do. For now.

First Submissions

2010-06-30 23:47:37 by StoneFeather

Just did a quick drawing in Flash. Not the best, but it's pretty funny. It's going on the art portal now. The drawing was done in less than an hour. Check it out below. (Why so sad?)